About Bruce Frame


My Background

Bruce  Frame Photography, located in Brooklin, Maine, provides services to a  wide variety of clients in New England, the US and abroad.  Our company produces quality creative professional photography to those  who provide marketing services to the Real Estate industry,  manufacturing, web design, product advertising and public relations as  well as auctioneers and collectors. 


Photography as Communication

Bruce  is dedicated to creating your "visible image". Few words need be used  to describe anything if you have great photography. Although a simple  concept, pictures do say more than words. If you have something to say,  say it out loud. Fine photography can make this happen for what ever you  are promoting.  In this day of digital imaging, we can make this happen  faster and at less cost than ever before. 

Sharing Stories

Bruce  has been involved in the photography industry all his adult life and  continues to work and learn everyday about the new wave of digital  photography and its possibilities. If you are looking for a portrait,  product photography or any other imaging solution for your personal or  business life, Bruce can help you. Call my mobile at 239-595-2537.